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Creative Direction
February 9, 2024

How to Create An Innovative Animated Explainer Video

In digital storytelling, isn't it amazing how an animated explainer video can turn a complex concept into an engaging tale? That's the kind of challenge we at our animation studio love! Picture this: a forward-thinking company comes to us with a vision. Their goal? To create an animated marketing video that goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing how their innovative service simplifies the whirlwind of managing remote teams and equipment logistics worldwide. Sounds like a tall order. But hey, isn't that what every animation house dreams of?

Creative Strategy: The Bento Grid Approach

So, what was the game plan? Our client provided a script with not one, not two, but three interlinked stories, all circling the efficient equipment management. The catch? They wanted these stories to resonate with viewers, making them nod and think, "Yeah, that's exactly what we need!" Have you ever wondered how some companies make managing remote teams look like a walk in the park? Well, that's the story we aimed to unfold through our animated explainer video for the company.

Bento grid in action

Our motion design team stepped out of the box to weave this narrative. Why stick to the straight and narrow when you can zigzag through a story? Enter the bento grid approach – our innovative storytelling ace. This technique resonates with Hofy's multifaceted problem-solving prowess. But let's be honest: juggling multiple narrative frames in a bento grid is no child's play. It's like hosting a dinner party where every dish must complement the other – a creative and conceptual e that our team was all red up to solve.

Crafting Audience Engagement through Animation

But what's a story without its audience? So, here's a question: Have you ever watched an animated video and felt it spoke directly to you? Was it addressing your exact challenges and offering the perfect solution? That's the connection we aimed to create. By meshing intricate design, precisely timed animation, and immersive sound design. Our animated explainer video didn't just tell a story; it invited viewers into a world where complexity meets clarity.

Before creating fully stylized assets, we start our process with sketching out the storyboard

The results? A dynamic, modern, and fresh brand animation that does so much more than just tell a story. It's a multi-layered narrative masterpiece. That isn't your everyday stylistic choice; it's a full-on storytelling revolution. Our bento-grid approach slices through the mundane. It invites viewers to dive into a narrative far from linear, rich in nuance, and bursting with life. Each frame is a part of the story but also a story in itself. It is a standalone moment packed with unique experiences waiting to be discovered.

Innovative Art Direction and Conclusion

And when it comes to art direction, we didn't just step up—we leaped into a new realm—moving away from the conventional 2D corporate look. Our animation embraced a rich, dynamic character style perfectly harmoniously with Hofy's lively and diverse user base. Our design is about visuals. But also, it's a celebration of diversity, realism, and the beauty of intricately crafted lighting and lush gradients. So, as we wrap up this animation journey, we're delivering an animated experience—a journey through a world where every frame is a gateway to another captivating story.

Style Development for Hofy

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