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No success exist without a team

The core of each company is its people. They are the source of inspiration, determination, fascination, and talent. We would like you to get to know us a little better.

Our people

Our team is a design-driven, business-oriented, and thriving perfection group of enthusiasts: a creative mix and an inspiring bunch who create and shape our Studio. Get to know us!

Our partners value Dawid for his creative input and genuine dedication to the perfect execution of every tiny bit of the project. While not working, you can spot him catching the waves in the ocean, mountain biking, or playing the piano. He loves surrounding himself with beauty: modern architecture, nice interiors, and breathtaking nature.

Dawid Sobieski
Co-founder / Creative Director

Alicja is a big fan of using powerful storytelling in the video because she knows that a good story is the base of every successful project. Yoga practice long walks along the ocean shore, or trekking in the mountains inspire her. Alicja loves traveling and discovering new flavors and is passionate about cooking, food photography, and writing.

Alicja Gucz-Sobieska
Co-founder / Business Manager

Szymon loves following the newest animation trends, and he’s always keen to suggest a fresh and unique style. While animating, he’s using tricks that give outstanding results. It feels like magic! He’s a big city person, although he also likes to immerse himself in a calm meditation mood. He loves drawing and watching good movies.

Szymon Sobieski
Lead Animator

Aneta’s superpowers are top communication skills, developing great processes, and staying calm under pressure. Outside keeping everything organized nicely here in Plumcat, you can find her studying neuroscience, painting, sculpturing, and traveling. She loves relaxing by reading a good book in the purring companionship of her two lovely cats.

Aneta Przybylska-Dziwota
Project Manager

Kasia creates fantastic animations. The characters she animates are always charming and full of life. After work, she likes long walks with her dog, biking, pilates, and planning her next travels. Kasia enjoys canine communications webinars and psychological podcasts. And, of course, her big passion is food!

Kasia Granica
Freelance Animator

Michał’s signature art style makes our projects truly special. His illustrations turn our animations alive! He enjoys playing video games and watching The Soprano Family in his free time. He likes forest walks and eating delicious sandwiches  (we totally get it!). Lately, Michał has been feeding the creative part of his soul by 3D printing some incredible stuff.

Michał Bednarski
Freelance Illustrator

Ola’s sense of great design and outstanding skills lead to the results that dazzle our partners and us. While not illustrating, you can find her seriously immersed in reading a history book or listening to some history podcast. Ola’s truly in her element when spending time off in the forest, sipping a coffee, and watching Polish movies dubbed in French.

Ola Bednarska
Freelance Illustrator

The Studio

We are a fully remote animation studio from day one of launching the business. Our philosophy goes beyond a physical place. We aim to prove location independence improves our productivity and creativity. We believe every of our team members should live and work where they feel best and can fulfill their life goals. That’s what makes us different!

This was the best experience…

...I have ever had in the video/motion industry. I came with very little knowledge of what I wanted, and the first round was 90% there. The second round hit the nail on the head and I was complete with my order in less than a week. Amazing job!

Nikan Shahidi | Founder, CEO - webstacks
Nikan Shahidi
Founder, CEO
Creative, talented, friendly and…

…reliable. You should definitely give them a try if you need a stunning video animation!  Hope to work with them again!

Maciej Sznitowski | Founder, CEO - sznitowski brandoholik
Maciej Sznitowski
Founder, CEO
It was an absolute delight… work with Plumcat. We asked for a brand video for our startup. Today we’re using the video across social media, the web, and events to gain more visibility. I  cannot recommend Plumcat more highly.

Luke Walker | Growth Lead - Next Matter
Luke Walker
Growth Lead


We want to make sure there are no questions unanswered. If anything pops up now, maybe you can find the answer below?

What’s the price of the video?

Every project is different, so all quotes are individual. The final price depends upon the complexity of the animation and illustrations. To get started, tell us more about your project, and we’ll be happy to prepare a customized quote for you!

What’s your production process like, and how long does it take?

Our production process consists of the following stages:

1. Mood board design (we create and present the suggested style/creative approach)
2. Scriptwriting (based on the brief you filled out with the essential information about your product)
3. Storyboarding (rough representation of every key animation frame)
4. Illustration design
5. Voice-over recording
6. Animation
7. Sound design
8. Post-production

Our standard turnaround time is 6-8 weeks for small productions and 8+ weeks for large projects (long forms, video series, etc.).

Is a good-quality animated video worth it?

It may sound cliché, but you should consider your top-notch video not as a cost but as an investment. And It’s true! Video sells.
A high-quality, customized video that is strategically applied as part of your marketing strategy can bring priceless interest and attention to your brand audience. We NEVER use templates or create cut-the-cost videos. We know the online space is saturated with poor-quality videos, and only the best-of-the-best stand out from the crowd. The ROI is sky-high for our clients, so we like to think that our videos do the job!

How does communication with fully remote studio work?

We’ve been fully remote from the very beginning. That’s why it’s natural to us; we don’t know anything different. Brainstorming on Zoom, communication via video conferencing, and project management on digital platforms - this is what we do.
Our clients come from North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We’re grateful for the online tools that make things easier than ever before and allow us not only to connect but also to maintain quality personal relationships with our clients. Our team covers every time zone, and the communication is seamless because we have it all figured out!

Let's connect
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