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Animated Series

Nowadays, a good marketing strategy means focusing on your audience - their interests and needs. Ask yourself a question: what value can you share with them? Bring it on with an animated series!

Animated series production for:

Spread awareness

Spread awareness about an important case with engaging video content. Thanks to the series of videos, you can convey more information, build tension, and ignite emotions. And eventually make your audience feel, sympathize and support you.

Bring value

Share the beneficial skill or knowledge through videos. Multiple episodes allow you to divide it into smaller portions, making it easy to absorb and highly engaging. Bring value to your audience’s lives. We guarantee that they will appreciate it!

Engage with a plot

When creating several episodes that make a video series, you have a bigger space to build up a story, complexity in plotlines, and connect deeper on an emotional level with your audience. The video series is perfect for building up your brand's heroes, which can be associated with the company.

Build a complex video-marketing campaign

You can base your core marketing and branding activities on video series. Convey your brand message while at the same time providing your audience with real value. The variety of options to transmit a big load of information in an easy and useful way is inifinite.

This was the best experience…

...I have ever had in the video/motion industry. I came with very little knowledge of what I wanted, and the first round was 90% there. The second round hit the nail on the head and I was complete with my order in less than a week. Amazing job!

Nikan Shahidi | Founder, CEO - webstacks
Nikan Shahidi
Founder, CEO
Creative, talented, friendly and…

…reliable. You should definitely give them a try if you need a stunning video animation!  Hope to work with them again!

Maciej Sznitowski | Founder, CEO - sznitowski brandoholik
Maciej Sznitowski
Founder, CEO
It was an absolute delight… work with Plumcat. We asked for a brand video for our startup. Today we’re using the video across social media, the web, and events to gain more visibility. I  cannot recommend Plumcat more highly.

Luke Walker | Growth Lead - Next Matter
Luke Walker
Growth Lead


We want to make sure there are no questions unanswered. If anything pops up now, maybe you can find the answer below?

Can you help in planning a video-marketing strategy for my brand?

Yes, we can work together on building a video marketing strategy that will be effective for you. We need to know more about your products, target group, sales channels, and brand identity to create the best plan possible. By understanding all of the crucial details about the brand and what you aim to achieve with your marketing efforts, we can develop the plan and what follows, animated videos that will help you achieve your business goals. We can offer diverse animated video content in multiple formats that best suit each particular sales channel and a long-term plan.

How much does the production of animated series cost?

Production can vary depending on many factors, such as the total number of episodes, length, level of complexity, and design style. By learning more about your project, we could make a customized quote. Our average price per episode is around $7000 - $12000.

How much will my team participate in the production?

It varies from company to company. Some of our clients want to participate in the process, and some want to limit their part to the minimum. We support whatever works best for you! After each production stage, we’ll need feedback from you. From the creative concept and scriptwriting, through storyboards & illustration design, to the animation and choice of the voice-over artist, music, and SFX, we need to know what you think before moving to the next step. Sometimes the feedback is simple, like “we love it, go ahead!” or “adjustment X is needed here”; other times, it can look more like a brainstorming session. We welcome both options!

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Our partners value Dawid for his creative input and genuine dedication to the perfect execution of every tiny bit of the project. While not working, you can spot him catching the waves in the ocean, mountain biking, or playing the piano. He loves surrounding himself with beauty: modern architecture, nice interiors, and breathtaking nature.

Dawid Sobieski
Co-founder / Creative Director

Alicja is a big fan of using powerful storytelling in the video because she knows that a good story is the base of every successful project. Yoga practice long walks along the ocean shore, or trekking in the mountains inspire her. Alicja loves traveling and discovering new flavors and is passionate about cooking, food photography, and writing.

Alicja Gucz-Sobieska
Co-founder / Business Manager

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