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Video Marketing
July 11, 2023

Five Examples of Great Storytelling in Animated Videos

The power of storytelling

Animated videos have become increasingly popular in recent years as a powerful tool for businesses, NGOs, and artists to connect with their audience and convey their message in a captivating and memorable way

Let’s have a look at five examples of animated videos that have stood out for their exceptional storytelling. These videos not only promote brands or spread awareness about important issues, but also tell a story that ignites emotions and leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

Get ready to discover the power of storytelling in animated videos with our top 5 picks!

1. Tinder - Invention of Together / Buck

This is an amazing example of great storytelling, both textual and visual. The video shows the long-time struggle of humankind to find a partner. The authors of this production take us on a journey through time, showing love challenges and real-life situations and igniting a whole spectrum of emotions in the viewer. The story is well told, and the advertisement is seemingly discreet (we're just seeing a Tinder logo at the end) yet compelling. It's a visually beautiful and engaging piece, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and the entire plot leads us to a happy ending. 

2. ODCC Commercial Campaign / Demo Duck

Funny, engaging, and educating - the plot of this stop motion production is another excellent example of a good story based on the main character - the crab named Louie. 

As the creative folks from Demo Duck say themselves, "This video, while it features two characters, was all about our crab, Louie. He would be the one to really drive the story forward and keep folks engaged (and perhaps induce a few chuckles)."

What's a better way to deliver a good story and make people remember your brand than evoking positive emotions? Entertain and educate; we like this approach!

ODCC - Demo Duck

3. JRS USA - Climate Displacement / Plumcat

There are no more pressing global problems than climate change. Our team at Plumcat has been asked to create an awareness video for JRS USA to show the dire effects of climate change on humans. Together with our partner, we devised the storytelling based on the personal story of Miriam - a climate-displaced Sirian woman. We wanted our audience to sympathize with the story of the individual person. We designed the characters so the viewers could relate to them, ensuring the factors such as diversity and inclusivity. We aimed to evoke empathy and motivate the viewers to take action. We like to believe that our storyline combined with the dramatic visuals and moving music did a job.

4. Studio River / Manifesto

We love the creative approach of the Studio River in the Manifesto. They are telling us their own story based on the brand identity symbols such as wave, being French, a unique pinch of humor, and creativity. As Studio River says: „The emotion itself is a story. It can be generated by the writing, by the rhythm, by the music, or by the artistic direction and we attach a lot of importance to it.”

They definitely succeeded in evoking emotions with their animation. The amusement, curiosity, and aesthetic appreciation of their visual craft accompanied us while watching this creative piece!

5. Sarah Beth Morgan - Between Lines

Between Lines is an awarded, animated short film that tells the story of high-school bullying in a poetic and highly artistic way. As the Director of Between Lines says: „I want to pierce the viewers of this film with deep-rooted, gut-wrenching empathy. And I want people who have experienced this to know they are not alone.”. The storytelling in this piece is very emotional and shows the anxiety and dark world of feelings while giving hope and consolation. The piece is also great for different reason: it involved 40 female creatives to complete this piece. The storytelling in this piece is magical - watch and see it for yourself.

Storytelling in animation

Animation has proven to be an excellent medium for storytelling, enabling creators to weave intricate narratives that evoke a broad spectrum of emotions. The five examples showcased in this blog post demonstrate the boundless potential of animated videos to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

By transcending boundaries and limitations, animation allows for exploring imaginative worlds and communicating powerful messages in a way that no other medium can reasonably achieve. If your organization seeks to establish a deeper connection with your audience, now is the perfect time to embrace the magic of animation and storytelling. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a memorable and impactful animated video that resonates with your audience and elevates your message.