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Hofy Product Animation: A Real Case Study 

In the world of remote work, creating engaging visual content is more important than ever before. At our animation studio, we've partnered with Hofy. It's a company designed to transform the workplace and make working from anywhere a world-class experience. Here, we offer a real case study of our work on Hofy's product animation, illustrating our process from start to finish.

Identifying Hofy's Needs

Hofy approached us with a specific set of requirements for their product animation. They needed a modular video that would work well as a whole and be broken down into smaller content chunks tailored to their sales needs. The video needed to match their existing branding and visually highlight the unique features of their service and platform. It also needed to deliver clear, key information about the product to its target audience.

Developing Strategies

To fulfill Hofy's needs, we adopted several strategies:

Modular Design: We divided the video into various parts, each highlighting different functions, like onboarding and offboarding. The intro and outro were designed to work both as standalone snippets and as part of the larger video.

Branding Consistency: After receiving Hofy's brand guidelines, we collaborated with our team of illustrators to develop an approach that would be both satisfactory and consistent with Hofy's existing brand.

Combining Styles: We decided to use real people's photos instead of graphic characters. By stylistically modifying these photos, we achieved a cohesive blend of three types of elements.

Engaging Animation: We focused on dynamic animation, exaggerating some sections, especially those related to UI navigation, to enhance attractiveness and improve the communicative potential of the actions.

Focus on Key Shapes: We identified key shapes. Then, we placed it at the center of visual interest and incorporated it into the background. This strategic placement helped to create a cohesive visual story that was both engaging and informative.

Finding Common Ground between Illustration Styles and UI Visualization: One of our main objectives was to find a balance between the illustration style and UI visualization. Among our strategies was the implementation of a glassy UI effect. It is a visual element characterized by its unique appearance and minimalist nature, which is essential for communicating elements of this type. This effect added a layer of complexity and intrigue to the animation. It helped to draw the viewer's attention and make the information more digestible.

Glassy UI design example


We encountered a few challenges during the project.

The first was deciding whether to use real people images or animated avatars. We opted for real people images to enhance relatability and direct visual attention towards the animated UI. It was crucial for storytelling.

Working with a three-tone color palette (purple, blue, and white) was another challenge. However, our designers succeeded in creating visually appealing content without losing focus on secondary and tertiary elements.

Limited color palette can enhance creativity, as constraints are big part of creative process.

Choosing the right music track was also challenging. But we eventually found a piece that perfectly fit the video's mood and represented the Hofy brand effectively.


Our work results in a premium brand-consistent video that effectively showcases the main product features. The video achieves multiple objectives: modularity, consistency, a single call to action, brand awareness, and a friendly UI showcase.

We hope this behind-the-scenes look gives you a taste of how much we enjoy diving into our clients' worlds. And crafting animations that really hit the mark. This project was a fun opportunity to think outside the box and serve up a video that's informative and eye-catching. The Hofy product animation is just one example of how we strive to push boundaries and help brands tell their stories in engaging and visually stunning ways. We look forward to helping many more businesses bring their visions to life through the power of animation!