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Awareness Campaign

Climate change is a pressing global problem. The consequences are visible now, and those who suffer the most are victims of the actions of the more privileged. The dire future is closer than we think, and it’s crucial to take action now. Our team at Plumcat has been asked to create an awareness video for Jesuit Refugee Service USA to show the dire effects of climate change on humans.

Style Development

We decided some specific following visual tools should lead the story. For instance, we used very close shots to emphasize strongly the broader concepts hidden behind the visual. Secondly, we built in close and medium shots to focus on the characters and their emotional role in the story. By incorporating long shots, we wanted to show nature's powerful force and the predominance over fragile beings - us humans. We also decided to present data in the form of abstractly composed illustrations. We designed characters so that viewers could relate to them and included factors such as diversity and inclusivity to enhance viewers’ empathy. When creating backgrounds, we followed a minimalistic approach to emphasize the severity of climate change. We focused on igniting certain emotions by designing particular weather conditions (floods, droughts, etc.) rather than overwhelming the scene with unnecessary elements.

Storyboard & Illustrations

Check out selected keyframes from the storyboard and corresponding illustrations. It was very engaging to plan all the scenes based on this project's emotional, moving script.


Client: JRS USA
Production: Plumcat
Creative Direction: Dawid Sobieski
Script writing: Alicja Gucz-Sobieska | JRS USA
Storyboard & Illustrations: Aleksandra Bednarska, Michał Bednarski
Animation: Szymon Sobieski
Sound Design: Plumcat

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This was the best experience…

...I have ever had in the video/motion industry. I came with very little knowledge of what I wanted, and the first round was 90% there. The second round hit the nail on the head and I was complete with my order in less than a week. Amazing job!

Nikan Shahidi | Founder, CEO - webstacks
Nikan Shahidi | Founder, CEO
Creative, talented, friendly and…

…reliable. You should definitely give them a try if you need a stunning video animation!  Hope to work with them again!

Maciej Sznitowski | Founder, CEO - sznitowski brandoholik
Maciej Sznitowski | Founder, CEO
It was an absolute delight… work with Plumcat. We asked for a brand video for our startup. Today we’re using the video across social media, the web, and events to gain more visibility. I  cannot recommend Plumcat more highly.

Luke Walker | Growth Lead - Next Matter
Luke Walker | Growth Lead

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Our partners value Dawid for his creative input and genuine dedication to the perfect execution of every tiny bit of the project. While not working, you can spot him catching the waves in the ocean, mountain biking, or playing the piano. He loves surrounding himself with beauty: modern architecture, nice interiors, and breathtaking nature.

Dawid Sobieski
Co-founder / Creative Director

Alicja is a big fan of using powerful storytelling in the video because she knows that a good story is the base of every successful project. Yoga practice long walks along the ocean shore, or trekking in the mountains inspire her. Alicja loves traveling and discovering new flavors and is passionate about cooking, food photography, and writing.

Alicja Gucz-Sobieska
Co-founder / Business Manager

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